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Letter to Parents

We welcome you and your daughter to Alpha Phi! 

We’re excited to share in your daughter’s collegiate journey and introduce her to our amazing lifelong sisterhood. Alpha Phi offers each member endless opportunities to grow as a person, become more confident and learn skills that will prove invaluable throughout her lifetime.


Alpha Phi has a commitment to academics, service and each other and we encourage your daughter to take advantage of all that Alpha Phi has to offer.

By becoming an initiated member of Alpha Phi, your daughter will not only have her collegiate experience, but also a lifetime of support from her sisters no matter where she resides upon graduation. With alumnae chapters all over the world, there is a network of Alpha Phi women willing to help, whether she's looking for a job, moving to a new city or interested in alumnae participation and volunteer leadership.


Alpha Phi isn’t just a home for your daughter, it is a place for you, too, and we look forward to seeing you at events such as our Parents' Weekend, Philanthropy events and so much more. Stay up to date with all our activities and accomplishments with our quarterly newsletter for parents and alumnae. 

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