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Academic excellence is one of Alpha Phi’s core values and a top priority. Our members’ passion for education, knowledge and achievement starts at the beginning of our existence. Alpha Phi’s founders were 10 of the first 20 women admitted to Syracuse University in 1872 and they had the courage to earn a college education despite what society expected of women at the time. 


At UNF, we carry on that tradition. Alpha Phis strive to help each member succeed in their academic pursuits through promoting academic motivation study programs, hosting sisterhood study nights, tutoring by academic bigs and acknowledging academic accomplishments. Supporting our sisters in education to reach their professional achievements beyond college is a key part of our sisterhood through Watchcare


Foundation Scholarships 

Alpha Phi Foundation scholarships help Alpha Phis pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees. These scholarships are made possible by generous donors. Each year, the Foundation awards more than $340,000 in scholarships to outstanding Alpha Phis. Scholarships may be used towards academic expenses, including tuition, course-related fees and books and supplies required for course enrollment. 

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